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Greenfield Communications, the company operating the community's cable TV and fiber services, will shut down the legacy cable/internet service in much of the North in January, with the rest of the North to follow. This shutdown of the old Rancho Murieta Association cable/internet service was planned in Greenfield's lease of the system from the RMA. If you're on the old system and you want cable or internet service, you must contact Greenfield.

More street shutdowns will follow, Greenfield said, until the old system is completely replaced. Here is Greenfield's announcement:

Legacy Service Shutdown Notice

The following streets on the dates listed will have the legacy systems taken offline permanently. If you have not contacted Greenfield to move over to the new fiber-optic system, please reach out to us at 888-230-0020 or support@egreenfield.com

January 3, 2017 - Via Sereno and Domingo

January 30, 2017 - Camino Del Sol, Ventana, Trinidad, Fuente De Paz as well as portions of Guadalupe and Puerto

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When will Lago be completed?  The construction hole in my front yard is going on 6 months.


Phillip Sexton

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Protracted, problematic.

Thank you RM dot com for the update. We'd love to complete the transition. All our communication has been problematic and Greenfield is obviously (audibly) beleaguered. I realize we are contracted for the long haul with Greenfield and they found existing problems once the job started. Especially because we had to invest a bunch of money mid stream to hopefully complete the job, I think the RMA needs to help facilitate communication and assist in problem solving. Honestly, based on our experience my faith we will have reliable internet through Greenfield is low. Personally, and I know we are not alone, we need reliable, fairly fast internet both in our home and in our office at the Plaza. At this point I would be most comfortable having another option in addition to Greenfield. Zeta is right over in the FAA building and they provide, by all accounts, speedy reliable internet through an antenna. Though it irritates me to pay more money for internet we were promised, I would like that option. 

Internet is an important part of planned community infrastructure. I feel strongly we must have, at the bare minimum,  a contingency plan with another provider. 

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Plaza internet

Regarding Plaza internet - we just received notification that our rates will increase effective Jan to "the business rate." All Greenfield packages cite fiber optic internet. Not only do we not have fiber optic at the Plaza yet but we also have regular outages and slow downs.  I add this comment because it is  another worrisome indication of unreliable client service. 

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Regarding Zeta Broadband and the Plaza

A couple of things.  We have been on Greenfield fiber at our house now since November.  It's been worlds better.  I'm unhappy like everybody else that they wanted to drill a hole in the side of my house to power their outdoor unit and I declined to let them do that.  I want that part done correctly.

The real reason I responded to this post was I wanted to put a "plug" in for Zeta Broadband.  I have rented an office in the FAA building for years now and early in 2016 I pulled the plug on AT&T (I never would have trusted RMA or Greenfield internet for my job) and switched to Zeta.  I did it because it was really easy.  It is important to spread the word that their service is excellent and their system works worlds better than RMA/Greenfield and as good or better than AT&T U-Verse.  Nellie,  if they have service at the Plaza stop messing around with Greenfield or even AT&T and just use Zeta I do not think you will be disappointed.  

For those that are worried about "speeds and feeds" of one vs. the other,  I assure you I notice no difference being on the Zeta system.  I'm guessing the backbone of thier network is not hopelessly over subscribed like the others.

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Thank you Scott!

We will make another pass at Zeta at the Plaza. It's been crazy town over there re: Internet! Thak you for the good info! 

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Zeta @ Plaza


I'm sure we can provide service, give our office a call and we can do a site survey -- 916.354.0190.

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Zeta @ Plaza

Zeta Broadband is a great service for "Internet" and highly I recommend them. Allot of my clients live where they cannot get DSL/Fiber to their homes. Many in the village use Zeta Broadband for their Internet. Their speeds are much faster than the DSL provided by at&t. Zeta  number is 916-354-0190

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Zeta Broadband

I'm in Murieta Village.  Can't remember when I signed up for Zeta Broadband (think it was a little more than a year ago).  I've had ATT and Dish internet service ... hated both.  I LOVE Zeta!  Just sayin'.  Great service ... great price!  Give them a call.

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