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The landmark restaurant operation on Jackson Road has gone dark again. (File photo)

One of the owners of the Meadowlands restaurant in Sloughhouse confirmed Wednesday night what a number of motorists driving past the moving truck had deduced – that the business, said to be closed for the winter, was now closed for good.

In a text message answering whether Meadowlands was gone, Terri Gilliland wrote, “Yes ... this is heartbreakingly so. We appreciate so very much the support we got from people in the community.”

A number of Murietans reported seeing trucks outside the Jackson Road business in recent days. Earlier Wednesday, a van-sized rental truck and two pickups with a trailer were being loaded with items from inside.

Ron and Terri Gilliland, owners of the Lucca and Roxy restaurants in Sacramento, were celebrated as a certain success – or as certain as it gets in the restaurant business – when they took over the landmark business two years ago even though the business had struggled to succeed for years.

The restaurant, which dates to the Gold Rush, was once known as the Sloughhouse Inn. It had been closed for nearly a decade when it was reopened in 2015 and operated for 14 months before closing again in June 2016

It reopened that December in the hands of the Gillilands. The dressed-up building and menu won a number of positive reviews at the outset, but Deer Creek, which runs past the building, flooded several times that winter, turning the restaurant parking lot into a lake.

Late last December, after two years of operation, Meadowlands suddenly sported a sign saying it had closed for the winter – anticipating the return of winter floods, the owners told one TV station – and would be back in the spring. Not long after, the business, with three years left on the lease, was for sale online for $199,000.

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Gift certificates?

Answering a question: The Meadowlands owners say gift certificates from the Sloughhouse business will be honored at their other establishments. 

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