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Lake flowers

Here’s a chance to pitch in to help keep Rancho Murieta’s lakes beautiful. Lake Clean-Up Day is Saturday from 8 to 11 a.m. Meet at Lake Clementia at 8 a.m. for assignments. Bags, gloves and litter catchers will be provided by the Rancho Murieta Association. Teens and youngsters working for community service credits are welcome. The day is sponsored by Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces (SOLOS), the Rancho Murieta Fishing Club and the Murieta Trails Stewardship. There will be coffee, hot chocolate and pastries. (File photo)

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Speaking of pitching in.......there was a great turn out for the blood drive......If I am not able to attend the drive located in Rancho Murieta, I go to the Folsom Blood Source by the Outlets in Folsom on Folsom Blvd. or the Blood Source near Pavilions on Fair Oaks and Drake Circle.....I'm proud of our community! ......Neighbors Helping Neighbors.....The grandma of the little 5-year old that has leukemia was that at the drive giving platelets (you can give platelets more frequently......I'm not sure but I think it is every two weeks).....Grandma, we need your grandsons' name and blood source number so we can donate to him.....Young adults (16 yrs and up) can donate also with their parents' permission.   

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Lake Clean-up Info from the Fishing Club

The Fishing Club asked me to remind all who  will be coming out to help this Saturday, to wear appropriate shoes, ie. heavy duty footwear, such as boots or high top shoes are great because often the litter has blown into the weeds and is hard to reach without walking in mud or shallow water. But, good sturdy walking shoes are fine as well.

Hope to see you all this Saturday at Lake Clementia at 8:00-11 AM

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