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Our promising start to the rainy season has meant good things for the community’s reservoirs, with more than 40 million gallons added already, the Community Services District says.

Paul Siebensohn, the CSD’s director of field operations, said the Cosumnes River’s flows allowed the CSD to begin diverting river water into our reservoirs on Dec. 12. As of Dec. 23, the reservoir combined capacity was at 82.5 percent.

This is far ahead of where we were in 2013 (62.5 percent) but about where we were last year (81.9 percent), when we had a rainy start to the winter.

“One thing we have seen is that the river has dropped more significantly than in the past due to a higher soil demand from the extended drought,” Siebensohn wrote in an email Tuesday. “However, due to the recent rains it appears that the soil demand is tapering off.”

When river flows are high enough to permit it, our water is taken from the Cosumnes at Granlees Dam and pumped into Lake Calero, Lake Chesbro and Lake Clementia during the rainy season, from Nov. 1 to May 31. We use the stored water throughout the year.

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