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Riverview Park

They could be rubies gathering in the palm of an old boulder at Riverview Park, but they're just autumn leaves. Here's a look at some other splashes of color in Rancho Murieta this fall. (Click photos for larger images.)

Murieta Parkway

Motorists on Murieta Parkway have a bright red sentinel greeting them at De La Cruz Drive.

Puerto Drive

On Puerto Drive, there's a streak of red reaching to the sky.

Guadalupe Drive

On Guadalupe Drive, deciduous and evergreen trees are taking different approaches to winter.

Reynosa Drive

On Reynosa Drive, the last leaves on this tree are putting on quite a scarlet show.

Rio Blanco Drive

This stand of trees on Rio Blanco Drive is a reliable color producer every fall.

Guadalupe Drive gutter

And where does all this beauty wind up? Here's a gutter on Guadalupe Drive.

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