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At its meeting Tuesday, the Rancho Murieta Association board of directors moved ahead with plans to rebuild the North Gate, rules for a bicycle pump track and a contract for asphalt resurfacing work. They also heard from a resident who objected to paving a decomposed granite pathway.

North Gate contract, committee approved

The board unanimously approved a $31,405 contract for North Gate design services by Comstock Johnson Architects Inc. Funding comes from an escrow account with the Operating Engineers Pension Trust Fund.  The PTF placed about $1.4 million in the account for the construction of the North Gate under an amended mutual benefit agreement with the RMA, General Manager Greg Vorster said.

The board also approved an executive committee consisting of Directors Randy Jenco, Sam Somers Sr. and Martin Pohll to expedite the North Gate design process. Two community volunteers can participate on the committee as liaisons, Vorster said. Two people have volunteered for the committee, and anyone else interested in being appointed is asked to contact Vorster at 354-3500.

RMA votes to bill Villas

President Jim Moore announced that the board approved a letter to the Villas in executive session "requesting that they pay $106.92 per unit per month to the Rancho Murieta Association. That amount is the same amount that everyone else pays" with the exception of cable TV, compliance and architectural review charges. Moore said the decision to send the letter was unanimous.
The Villas development is not annexed to the RMA.

In March, RMA gate policy was changed so Villas residents can't purchase access bar codes and must use the visitors lane. The change was made because Villas residents no longer pay to support RMA street maintenance.

"The Villas have access to all our parks, all our Fourth of July activities ... and it's only fair that they pay a fair share," Moore said at the March meeting.

Roadwork plans

The board approved $237,400 in street work for Puerto Drive, Camino Del Lago, Domingo Drive, Bridgehouse Lane and other areas. The cost also includes a walking path for the Escuela park site.
Another $89,530 was approved to pave Escuela Drive to Stonehouse Road for better use of the gate there for special events and during the North Gate rebuild.

The board put off action on an $13,000 project for paving the Pera path after hearing a resident's concerns. Lisa Beauchamp, who lives along the path, said changing the surface from decomposed granite to asphalt would be an environmental change "from a friendly path that people use for their dogs, Segways, families, kids...."  She added, "The path maintains itself."

President Jim Moore advised Beauchamp to talk with her neighbors and get their views -- and a petition. "If there was a strong showing of public support for your position, that would be something we'd have to take a look at," Moore said.

The board went on to approve a separate request of $22,000 for asphalt engineering.


  • The Architectural Review Committee recommends returning to the $2 a square-foot charge for exclusive use leases contained in the restated CC&Rs passed in 1996, Director Martin Pohll reported. RMA counsel is reviewing exclusive use leases, Pohll said. Different versions of the lease have been used over the years.
  • Sacramento County has included Escuela Park in the Stonehouse Park master plan so plans for a playing field, walking path and tree mitigation can proceed, General Manager Greg Vorster said. The field and walkway will be funded with park fees or mitigation fees, and county tree mitigation funds will pay for the trees, Vorster said. The RMA bought the 14-acre property last November using $200,000 of funding the association has reserved for its future parks fund contributions. The Parks Committee approved the RMA's request to use the funds for the purchase.
  • The board approved rules for the bicycle pump track now under construction in Riverview Park, as well as an annual fee of $40 per family that uses the park, and an annual requirement for a signed waiver. Director Bob Lucas said he had concerns about enforcement of the rules, and suggested trying to keep a tight rein at the beginning. Project proponent Mark Pecotich said there will be signage at the track with the rules. He said the track is now expected to open in July.
  • Five analog channels -- two CSPAN channels and three shopping channels -- will be converted to digital in the near future to begin the  process of changing RMA cable TV to an all-digital system. The Communications Committee recommended making the changeover in early June, but Cable Manager Paul Venturella said he would like to give customers more time to react to the change. It's not known how many people still rely on analog TVs.
  • Maintenance Manager Rod Hart is working with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to sort out street light issues. Instead of leasing poles from SMUD, the RMA would replace the poles and lights with new technology for a cost savings and rebates, Hart said.

Here is live-blog coverage of the meeting:

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It's after 7 and there is no blog. I realize the afternoon was busy with a fire and an accident. any other info?

Bobbi Belton

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Technical issue.  The blog is

Technical issue.  The blog is being written and will be unveiled as soon as the meeting is over, which looks to be soon.  Apologies.

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Problem addressed -- refresh the browser

We think all is fixed now.  Hit your keyboard's F5 key to refresh the web browser and see the live blog.

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I'll sign your petition, Lisa Beauchamp

I agree wholeheartedly, Lisa, that the path from Pera should not be paved.  It would be ugly and out of context with the surroundings, would just fall apart and need a lot of maintenance, and would encourage misuse of the path, e.g., by some skateboarders and bicyclists (sorry, not meaning to discriminate, but they came to mind).  The path is lovely for walking and feels more natural as it is than with ugly black asphalt.  It was just one of the things that we loved about RM when we looked out here before buying.  My husband walks the path almost every day.  And, you're right, from an ecological standpoint, it's just the wrong thing to do.  The last thing this world needs is more concrete and/or asphalt.  Yuck! 

Please put me on your signature list.

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