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→ See a video of the meeting (1 hour, 17 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association board addressed a number of construction projects at Tuesday night’s meeting – including the creation of a South dog park – and briefly discussed member complaints about Greenfield Communications’ service.

Director Rob Brown said he had seen multiple complaints about Greenfield Communications services, and he asked what the RMA, which has a lease arrangement with Greenfield, was doing about the problems. Complaints have surfaced on various social media. Issues raised here at RanchoMurieta.com about the disappearance of KVIE's channels were addressed Wednesday by Greenfield.

“If you’re really having a service problem, the best thing you can do is contact Greenfield, because then they can start to resolve it,” said Director Joanne Brandt, who heads the Communications Committee, the liaison to Greenfield. “You can be assured that we feel confidence in the staff we have up there at Greenfield,” Brandt said. “We believe in working with them.” 

Director Larry Shelton disagreed, saying his experience with Greenfield’s internet streaming has not been positive.

“They tend to ignore the possibility that they are anywhere near (the cause of) the problem,” he said. “They always say, ‘It’s in the house; it’s your wiring; it’s your router....’ They use every excuse in the world, as long as they can. And they’re running out of excuses for me.” 

As for addressing his problem, he said he hasn’t heard from Greenfield in two weeks. “I don’t think they’re following through with people who are having problems,” he said. “I think what they’re doing is trying to ignore it.” He said he thinks this is why so many customers are upset.

Brandt suggested Shelton bring the problem to the Communications Committee, which has a Greenfield representative in attendance. That committee meets next month, one of four regular meetings a year.

If you're having problems, you can reach Greenfield at (888) 230-0020 or support@egreenfield.com.

Contracts for community improvements

The board unanimously approved contracts related to various projects:

  • For fencing for a South dog park on the site of the former bicycle pump track, a $5,770 contract with Golden State Fencing. The fencing would divide the site into one area for large dogs and one for small dogs.
  • For 500 feet of sidewalk at the new Greens Park, a contract for $29,500 with Nor Cal Construction of Grass Valley.
  • For 970 feet of fencing at the Escuela sports field, a contract for $17,230 with Golden State Fencing. 
  • For 190 feet of retaining wall and 215 feet of concrete rolled curb at the same site, a contract for $30,900 with Nor Cal Construction of Grass Valley. This will be funded by part of Summerfest’s $68,000 donation to improve the park. 

Playground improvements: The board announced the completed installation of new playground equipment at Stonehouse and Lake Clementia parks. Maintenance Manager Rod Hart said approach sidewalks are being added to the parks to make them compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. As for the timing of the concrete pour, “It’s not a real long job to do, but we certainly gotta have three or four days of good weather,” he said.

Modular restrooms at Lake Clementia: RMA has reached out to Entertainment, Theatre & Culture and the Optimist and Kiwanis clubs to see if there’s a possibility of funding the restrooms, General Manager Greg Vorster said. He said all of the groups were interested in the project, but no funds have been committed.  One quote for the restrooms was $58,575, Vorster said; another was $46,590. Several more bids are expected. Of the two bids in hand, Vorster said the cheaper unit doesn’t have a built-in holding tank and the finish details aren’t as nice. He said the company that offered the first bid has an eight-week lead time to construct the trailer, so a decision will have to be made soon if the bathrooms are going to be in place for this summer’s events at Clementia.

Fish news: Director Larry Shelton said the Fishing Club has asked for funds to stock the three upper lakes with fish. After further discussion, Shelton said it was decided a survey is needed on the fish types and population presently in the lakes. A second stocking of Laguna Joaquin with bass and bluegill is scheduled for Thursday, he said. The fish, being added to address last summer’s fish kill at the lake, are being purchased by the Community Services District.

RMA committee contributions: Director Cheryl McElhany said not everyone in the community understands how the RMA works, with committees, made up of community volunteers, voting on actions that roll up to the board for final action. “We don’t make those decisions alone; we consult a lot of people in the community to make our decisions,” she said, commending members of the Finance Committee, which she chairs. Director Larry Shelton echoed her comment.

Working with new HOA: The board voted Director Larry Shelton as the RMA’s representative to the architectural review committee of the Rancho North development association. Under terms of the Mutual Benefit Agreement, the RMA gets to name one member to the five-person committee. The board also voted to name Jim Crowder and Judith Embree as members as the joint compliance committee for RMA and Rancho North. That joint committee would address issues where a resident of one HOA is cited for a violation of the other HOA. Tom Reimers was named the alternate representative.

No return of Channel 5: Director Joanne Brandt, chair of the Communications Committee, said the group decided that going to the trouble and expense of reinstating the community’s TV channel – formerly Channel 5 – would be “duplicate information,” given the RMA’s website and email newsletter. She estimated the costs for reinstating the service at several thousand dollars, plus staff time creating the content. Director Larry Shelton said the community channel used to be an important part of communicating with Rancho Murieta, but he suggested other avenues be pursued. Director Cheryl McElhany asked what Communications was doing to get email addresses for community members, and Brandt said the committee would have a table at community events to gather addresses. Greg Vorster, general manager, said the RMA presently has about 1,300 email addresses for community members.

Parks Committee meeting: The Parks Committee – with representatives from the RMA, Community Services District and developers – will meet 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the RMA Building to act on a trails plan, which maps out trails for post-development Rancho Murieta and specifies any construction methods.  The RMA board approved the map last August and was joined in December by the CSD board, which should deliver a majority of Parks Committee votes, sending the map to the county planners. Development interests have already filed their desired map downtown.

In other business:

  • The board approved a contract for July 4 fireworks with Pyro Spectaculars for $17,843, which includes the permit cost.
  • The board approved the addition of Elizabeth Valley and Julie Wheeler to the Recreation Committee.

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I have been a Greenfield Internet subscriber for a couple of years. My service has been reliable with good speed.

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Greenfield's Internet Service

It has been a great improvement over AT&T Uverse in reliability & speed. No issues since start of service (2/08/18).

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The greenfield problems are not with the internet.. It,s the TV Programming

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I believe the Communications Committee should meet at least monthly until these problems are resolved. 

Bobbi Belton

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Greenfield Communications Service Related Problem

To help the community understand the purpose of the RMA Communications Committee, we set new policy and procedures which were introduced at the RMA Board meeting on 3/20.  The RMA Communications Committee is there to help resolve service related problems with Greenfield Communications that are not resolved by regular methods.

If you are having a service related problem, the first step is to contact Greenfield Communications. Their website is egreenfield.com

Once you have a work ticket, a service technician will assist in installing new service, troubleshooting and other service related problems.

The fiber optic for our Internet was an important community upgrade.  Before Greenfield Communications made the change, we had a cable system that was out of date. The Communications Committee is committed to working with Greenfield Communications as our business partner.

If you find yourself in the position where you cannot find a resolution with a Greenfield Communications service related problem, please contact the RMA office at 916-354-3500 and let them know you would like to come to the next communications committee meeting.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 11th .

Joanne Brandt

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