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Larry SheltonLarry Shelton, a Rancho Murieta Association director in his second term on the job, announced his resignation in a public statement early Wednesday, pointing to “too many negative, controversial and disrespectful people who have no integrity about how they treat their fellow citizens.”

The resignation follows a string of three contentious board meetings about the Recreation Committee, which Shelton was appointed to co-chair last month as a way to address some of the strife. He has come in for public criticism at meetings, some of it shouted, and he and his Recreation Committee co-chair were forced to accept a board action overriding their proposed roster of committee volunteers at last week's RMA board meeting.

In an interview Wednesday, Shelton called the board’s action “a vote of no confidence,” adding, “I can’t proceed to do anything meaningful on the board of directors when I do not have the confidence of the board to support me.” Additionally, he said he is unhappy about the “disrespect shown the board” by disruptive audience members at recent meetings and the board’s response to those challenges. His bottom line: “It’s not what I want to be part of.”

He said he submitted his resignation in a letter Tuesday. The RMA would not release the letter, and Shelton said he wanted to consult his lawyer before sharing it publicly. Alex Bauer, the RMA board president, was not immediately available for comment.

Shelton, a retired environmental scientist who moved to the community in 2015, was elected to the board that year and re-elected last fall. He was in his third year as the board’s vice president.

Here is his full resignation statement to the media:

Based on several months of controversial events associated with the Rancho Murieta Board of Directors, I have decided to resign, immediately.  This was not an easy decision because there are so many important issues that still need to be addressed, and I have the background and knowledge as well as some creative ideas for solutions that could be of value.

It is sad that Rancho Murieta, California, the USA, and even the World has become so angry, combative and deceitful.  I would like to say I live in a community that is above all that, but it is a universal cultural shift that will take a long time to correct, if we ever do.  I’m a fighter, and have survived many battles, however this is one battle I don’t need to win and couldn’t anyway.

Lately I’ve been forced to deal with way too many negative, controversial, and disrespectful people who have no integrity about how they treat their fellow citizens, those people do not deserve my attention.  I have resigned because I will no longer compromise the principles and values that are important to me and should be important to everyone.  This is simply about who I choose to spend my time with and where I choose to apply my energy.  I plan to surround myself with positive, progressive thinkers with no grudges, hidden agendas, or open animosities.  People who have the wisdom to understand the magnitude of their decisions and the courage of conviction to not be influenced by the loudest voice.   

I do want to thank those of you who have supported and encouraged me to pursue, with strength and character, the issues in Rancho Murieta.  I hope that each of you will step up and become involved in decisions to move this community forward and have a positive, compassionate impact in the direction we take. 

I still plan to be involved in selected Rancho Murieta functions.  But I will only focus on positive, fun, and enjoyable activities.  See you on the disk golf course or at FreeRock.

During his time on the board, Shelton, who lives on Laguna Joaquin, took special interest in the problem of midge flies and water issues there, including two fish kills. He worked with the Community Services District on water issues, often challenging the CSD’s planned approach. Also, out of his own pocket, he staged free music events at the Gazebo last summer and has announced plans to do the same this year.

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RMA president responds to resignation

After this story was published, Alex Bauer, the RMA board president, shared this written statement:

Larry was an integral member of the board over the last few years. No doubt he will land on his feet and continue to make contributions to the community.

Bottom line: this community expects us to conduct its business efficiently and wisely. Democratic organizations like ours will have some occasional bumps but we will continue to engage in rich discourse and make majority-based decisions to benefit members of our great community.

We have much work to accomplish this year and the board is ready to move forward on multiple fronts to improve what we already have here.

As for filling the vacated seat, we are still analyzing our options with the RM attorney. We want to limit the costs to the association but still ensure adequate community input in how we move ahead. We'll make an announcement shortly.

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I totally agree and empathize with Larry.  Apparently giving opinions can bring vicious attacks both full face and behind the back. I have been subject to them myself and also have backed away like Larry.  It is sad that trying to stand for something and/or giving the benefit of our possible 'age' accumulated wisdom/knowledge/intuition is derided .....and with such rudeness.  Over all I LOVE Rancho Murieta and have lived here for over 20 yrs....my husband since 1984......but.......

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Let's have coffee

and talk about good time, thanks for the support!

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Director's resignation letter

Larry Shelton, the RMA director who resigned this week, shared his resignation letter Thursday:

February 26, 2019

To: Rancho Murieta Board of Directors
Through: Alex Bauer, President
7191 Murieta Parkway
Rancho Murieta, Ca 95683

Subject: Resignation

Over the last several months the Rancho Murieta Board of Directors has developed an underlying current of mistrust with a vindictive culture that is seriously affecting the Board’s integrity.  This is preventing the Board from making intelligent, independent, and unbiased decisions.  In my opinion, the Recreation Committee decision at the Board meeting on February 19, 2019, was in retaliation for actions in previous Board Meetings that were out of control.  That decision had serious ramifications.  It unfortunately resulted in a public vote of ‘no confidence’ against me.

Based on the Boards decision I see no successful way to proceed as a Board Member.  That action has put me in a position where I can no longer serve this community appropriately and I have no other option but to resign.  This resignation is effective immediately.

Larry Shelton

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Setting the record straight about Bingo

Setting the record straight about Bingo:

There has been some serious misunderstanding about how the Recreation Committee views Bingo and its funding. No one wants to stop Bingo. In 2018, the Rancho Murieta Association (RMA) sponsored four Bingo events, 3 at the RMA building and one at Summerfest. RMA’s contribution was $3400 for Bingo at the RMA building and $3100 for Summerfest which was used for decorations and prizes. These funds came from the RMA recreation budget which had only $21,000 last year. There are a lot of important community activities which are supported by those limited recreation funds. The Recreation Committee has been looking at ways to expand recreation and add additional activities, as well as, enhance the current successful programs, like Bingo. To do so will require some creative funding ideas, such as sponsoring the successful Casino Night and using the surplus funds for recreational activities.

Another idea was to develop a network of local sponsors. Unfortunately, RMA does not qualify for sponsorship funding, so this kind of effort must go through civic organizations. Most companies have maxed out on corporate funding to local functions, although some still have ways to support local activities. As an example, if a non-profit group like Summerfest or Kiwanis were to approach the local Raley’s store they could donate merchandise or gift certificates through those non-profit groups to RMA. These gifts, prizes, or merchandise could be used for local activities, like Bingo. And these local donations would not affect corporate sponsorship or the current funding that goes to support Summerfest.

In February, this process was suggested to the Recreation Committee to achieve additional support where gifts and merchandise could be used. The rumors coming from that Recreation Committee meeting stated that the plan was to stop Bingo and pull Summerfest donations to support other activities. These statements were absolutely false. This accusation led to a huge misunderstanding. In fact, the discussion, which is verified by the minutes of the meeting, was designed to find funding to expand Bingo and support other activities without jeopardizing any successful program including Summerfest.

I encourage you to verify critical information, before jumping to conclusions. In addition please, attend Board meetings, read the agendas including minutes from Committee meetings, talk to other committee members and the Board directly about your issues before spreading false information.

Larry Shelton

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Director Resignation

RMA is losing an excellent Board Member with knowledge and professional sense.  After listening to all of the antics over the past month of members of the community regarding the Recreation Community, which sound like spoiled children agruing,  I don't blame Larry and I certainly wish him well.  He was Chairman of the Maintenance Community when I joined it and brought a lot of insight into many issues and was instrumental in helping to solve many of them.

The community is losing a great board member over foolishness on the part of a few that think yelling at board meetings is appropriate.



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