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Tom Reimers

Tom Reimers lost the 2017 election for an RMA board seat by nine votes. (Click for larger image)

Video coverage of the meeting (45 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association board of directors interviewed four applicants for an unexpired board term and elected Tom Reimers to the position at a special meeting Thursday night.

Reimers, a Murietan for 15 years, has served two years on the RMA Compliance Committee. Once he was sworn in, the directors elected him to chair that committee.

It took three votes of the five directors present to win the seat. Reimers got three votes on the first ballot.

In his opening comments, Reimers said he believes the community’s CC&Rs and rules are important – for “the safety of our residents, pets, guests and the wonderful wildlife we have here.” He added, “The rules help maintain the community standards, which makes Rancho Murieta that special place we all call home.”

Later, the board elected Rob Brown vice president. He replaces Larry Shelton, whose resignation opened the chair for Reimers to serve the final 32 months of his term.

"All of the candidates had strong attributes,” Alex Bauer, board president, said in a statement after the meeting. “It was a tough decision. Congratulations to Tom Reimers. He will fit in nicely on this board. As you may know, the Compliance Chair was recently vacated. Tom's background in law enforcement and his two years of volunteer service on the Compliance Committee makes him a great asset to carrying out our long-term Compliance goals. I look forward to working with him and am anxious to see him steer our Compliance issues into the future."

The other candidates were Danny Carrillo, a 40-year Murieta resident who lost his bid for a board seat in last November’s election; Tom Harry, a commercial real estate businessman who assisted the RMA in the past acquisition of Escuela Park; and Chris Woods, a four-year Murietan who recently sold his golf-related business.

They all gave opening statements and fielded questions from the directors.

In public comments before the candidates spoke, neighbor Ernie LeBlanc made a statement in support of Carrillo. There were about 20 people on hand for the 45-minute meeting. Director Jim Crowder was absent.

At the outset, Bauer read a brief statement outlining the RMA bylaws covering such elections. The bylaws don’t specify whether the election should be a secret or public ballot, but Bauer said the board would follow the precedent of past boards and allow directors to cast secret ballots.

At Tuesday’s regular board meeting, Carrillo had asked that directors cast the election votes in public, not secret.

The need to fill unexpired terms has come up occasionally in recent years, and with one exception the issue has been handled in line with the board’s actions Thursday night. Here’s how similar situations have gone in recent years:

  • In 2005, Julie Sams was elected by secret board vote to complete 17 months of a term.
  • In 2007, Anne Denker was elected by secret board vote to complete seven months of a term.
  • In 2008, Jim Moore was elected by secret board vote to complete 30 months of a term.
  • Later in 2008, the board simply appointed Candice Koropp to the remaining three months of a term, explaining that she had finished second to Moore in the board vote months before. 
  • In 2011, Scott Adams was elected by secret board vote to complete 19 months of a term. 

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Congratulations to Tom...... 

Congratulations to Tom...... 

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