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The Rancho Murieta Association board voted unanimously Tuesday night to make sure area Realtors are aware that buyers or renters of the Murieta Gardens homes will not have access rights through the gates to RMA property and amenities like parks, lakes and trails.

General Manager Greg Vorster was directed to send Realtors a letter explaining that because the development is not annexed into RMA, residents do not have access. The first of 78 Murieta Gardens homes are being built across Jackson Road.

Vorster said so far the developer has not approached the RMA about the possibility of annexation, even though the county requires the developers to have that discussion before closing sales on any lots.

Director Rob Brown said it would “beneficial for everybody” if the new development annexed into the RMA. He mentioned the dispute of recent years with the Village, where residents were recently allowed gate access only if they pay a $300 annual fee. The Village, where development started almost 50 years ago, predates the parks development agreement, General Manager Greg Vorster said.

Saying he hasn’t seen it himself, Vorster said he has been told there is advertising for the Murieta Gardens homes that claims they’ll have access to Rancho Murieta’s trails.

In response to a question from Director Jim Crowder, Vorster said when the RMA approached the developers about annexation, the only response was criticism about RMA’s “antiquated” CC&Rs.

Directors Cheryl McElhany and Joanne Brandt said they think annexation is the best thing for everyone. Brandt said the homes look to be sized for families, and the residents would benefit by access to the community’s sports fields. “Hopefully,” she said, “make one community instead of all these little different parts.”

Jeffrey Gibson, newly elected to the board of directors of the Retreats homeowners association, complained about the dues arrangement that forces Retreats homeowners to pay dues to that HOA as well as to RMA.

“We are fit to be tied,” he said of the Retreats homeowners. “We pay to this (RMA) association $140 a month to be able to drive through the gate and use the facilities.” A study of costs for Village residents came in about half that, he said, and in the end RMA negotiated the Village fees down to $300 a year. “You do absolutely nothing for us,” he said, “but you charge us in the neighborhood of $900 to $1,000 a year for the privilege of you doing nothing.”

He cautioned, “I can guarantee you that the people who buy those (Murieta Gardens) houses are going to think that they can drive through the gate.”

Gibson said he would like to see the Rancho North Association go away and the Retreats homeowners become part of the RMA. The developers turned down this possibility in 2015 when they couldn’t come to terms with RMA over the production homes planned for the Retreats.

In other business...

  • Saying “I’m the motorcycle guy,” neighbor Brian Rosebrock asked if the board could allow a 60-day test of allowing motorcyclists on the North to drive back and forth to their homes.  General Manager Greg Vorster said he could put the idea on next month’s meeting agenda and talk with the RMA’s lawyer in the meantime about whether a test would be proper. The community’s CC&Rs prohibit motorcycles on North streets. Rosebrock said the board approved the use of Segways on community streets without a vote. The board approved Segways on a split vote in 2017, saying they were just rubberstamping a board approval given in 2011 or 2012. That approval limits the vehicles to electric motors of not more than 1 horsepower and with a top speed of 12.5 mph. The board mentioned the possibility of including the motorcycle question on an upcoming community survey. The issue was rejected by the community when it was put on the ballot in 2012.
  • Neighbor Mark McMaster told the board a bobcat has been spotted as children were being dropped at the school bus stop on Colbert Drive. He asked the board to put the item on a future meeting’s agenda so concerned parents could discuss the issue with the board.
  • Director Jim Crowder was unanimously elected board secretary, replacing Rob Brown, who was elected vice president last month.
  • The board agreed unanimously to assist a Country Club community day July 27 by providing three shade tents. General Manager Greg Vorster said the cost to RMA to put up and take down the tents would be 32 hours of labor, or $1,440.
  • Director Stephanie Bianchi said the Recreation Committee will use the proceeds from the recent Casino Night to purchase equipment for movie nights, which is expensive to rent.
  • Director Joanne Brandt volunteered to head up a working group on a community survey, which the board endorsed. She’ll be joined by new Director Tom Reimers.
  • The board unanimously approved a social media policy that allows the RMA to use Facebook to communicate with members in a closed group limited to Murietans.
  • The board approved adding Allyson Warr to the Governing Documents Committee and Marlene Hensley to the Compliance Committee. Director Tom Reimers was added to the Joint Security Committee, taking the place of Alex Bauer, board president.

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Murieta Gardens and Developers

Thank You RMA Board of Directors for unanimously representing, and voting for the best interests of the some 2,500 homeowner members of Rancho Murieta Association. Too often in our 2,500 acres Rancho Murieta Planned Unit Development (PUD) history, multiple developers have used the "self-serving cottage industry" triad Homeowners Association (HOA) of GMs, Counsel and Developers to further their own causes, read financial interests,at the expense of the homeowners they marketed to. And they have in the past controlled the HOA Boards of Directors they installed to further their interests. It is refreshing to see our present BoD serving the membership, rather than that self-serving triad; please continue, as you are empowered by that 2,500 homeownership and their distinct controlling interests. We have your back. 

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