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Rancho Murieta Village residents who expected to have their vehicle bar-code stickers deactivated Monday have won a reprieve – and perhaps a permanent solution.

On Monday, Rancho Murieta Association General Manager Greg Vorster announced a breakthrough in negotiations with the Village. “RMA has extended the cutoff date to Jan. 1, 2019, as we work on finalizing language over the next month,” he said.

Kathy Becker, president of the Murieta Village Association, said she was pleased the two parties had reached a tentative agreement that will allow Village residents to pay a lower fee to enter the gates and use RMA amenities. The lower rate is $25 a month, but it must be paid annually beginning Jan. 1.

In May, the RMA board voted unanimously to charge Village residents $62.40 a month to access amenities inside the gates and to be issued barcodes. The entire amount, $748.80, would be due annually. The May meeting drew about 20 Village residents. They contended the fee would drive a wedge between the communities, warned that RMA was on shaky legal ground and asked that the access fee be put to a vote of the entire RMA membership – all to no avail.

Historically, Village residents have always had access inside the gates.

Lawry Yerby was one of nine Village residents who presented a May 9 letter signed by 173 residents urging RMA not to go through with the access fee. Yerby said he didn’t like the compromise. “It didn’t go far enough. It is still too much money to go over there, if we should pay anything,” he said. “There has got to be a better solution.”

Tom Viner also worked on the signature letter and spoke at the RMA meeting. “I think the $300 charge is still way out of line,” he said. “I think $100 would be more reasonable.”

Viner understands that Village residents with friends or family inside the gate can still enter through the gate even if they don’t pay the amenities fee if they're put on the permanent guest list. “But the security system will take the brunt of that arrangement,” he said.

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Village Access Fees

I am not sure how this will work as I am a new resident to the village.  I volunteered at the ETC concerts, shopped at two estate sales, attended the 4th of July fireworks and hiked around the lake twice.  Not worth $300.  I think the fee is too high. I imagine I would gain access to the ETC concerts by showing my ticket, just won't be able to volunteer earlier in the day. It just doesn't seem right when realtors market the property claiming access to the lakes, now it is not true.   

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