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Red square Watch a video of the RMA meeting (35 minutes)

Picking up on an initiative that began at the Community Services District, the Rancho Murieta Association Tuesday night agreed to joint meetings of the two groups. The board also got a report on installation of the community’s fiber system, which is nearing completion.

RMA embraces meetings with CSD

The RMA board called CSD General Manager Darlene Thiel from the audience to talk about the idea of joint meetings, which has come up at recent CSD sessions.

Speaking of her board, she began, “Their thought is to just have a couple of meetings a year where the two boards can get together and talk about common-interest items. Just trying to be more collaborative with the RMA during the year. ... It’s just a way for the two boards to get together and be able to share and discuss thoughts, ideas, concerns.”

Director Larry Shelton proposed meeting every other month, saying, “I think there’s an awful lot of things we can share.” Director Rob Brown suggested quarterly meetings, which the board backed. (Directors Cheryl McElhany and Sam Somers Sr. were absent.)

Darlene Thiel

Darlene Thiel proposed a couple of meetings a year, but the RMA board upped the ante.

As for a meeting place, Thiel said the RMA Building or the Country Club would work, but the CSD Building wouldn’t, since its meeting room has built-in furniture for its board.

Gillum and her RMA counterpart, Greg Vorster, agreed the meetings would require proper public notice and be open to members.

It looks like the first meeting will be an al fresco affair, with the two boards meeting at a community lake to discuss trail types and construction, a meeting prompted by development progress. Weather permitting, it could happen next month.

Allowing electric vehicles on the North

The board began the process to allow electric vehicles – scooters, bicycles, Segways and hover boards – to be operated on the North. The idea was suggested by Director Larry Shelton. The vehicles would have to have engines of 750 watts or less, according to General Manager Greg Vorster, who read a brief outline of the idea. He said the vehicles are currently allowed on the South.

Vorster suggested the idea start at the Governing Documents Committee to determine if the change would be a rules change or an amendment to the CC&Rs. The board unanimously agreed.

TV system bucks the downward trend

General Manager Greg Vorster shared Greenfield Communications subscriber counts for TV and internet. “TV’s been pretty stagnant, but the internet has had pretty significant growth over the last six months,” he said. “That’s the kind of trend we expected. ... The TV is kind of a dying business.”

Here is a sampling of the Greenfield numbers he shared with the board:

  Aug Jan
TV 1,307 1,307
Internet 1,376 1,448
Phone 170 203

Director Bob Lucas, who served as Communications Committee chair for four years, said he thought the TV number, flat over six months, is actually good. “I think that speaks well to Greenfield and the fiber and people liking what they’re getting,” he said, “because, historically, every month it had gone down.”

About 83 percent of TV customers have the basic offering, according to the numbers. The numbers also showed the number of homes with fiber service available jumped from 1,290 in July to 2,320 by year’s end.

On that point, Brandon Fuller, Greenfield’s project manager for Rancho Murieta’s installation, reported Greenfield is within 50 customers of closing out the old system. The remaining customers will be wrapped up in the next two weeks, he said.

Asked about why it has been so difficult to clean up the stragglers, Fuller said, “Multiple door hangers on their door appear to not be effective, but when they come home and the TV and internet don’t work, they always call in.”

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Greenfield Mess

So when is Greenfield going to clean up the mess they left on folks landscaping ???  On my block they have left a mess in front of several homes...including mine. Anyone know...or do we have to call up RMA and ask them ???

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Same problem here

I don't know, Jacque.  We have the same problem here on Trinidad.  I'm beginning to think the only thing that can get them to clean it up is to sign up for service.  My front yard isn't the best looking on my street, but I'm getting kind of tired of the crime scene tape.

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Greenfield Mess - Ditto

I remember when the system was supposed to be completed in August - 6 months ago.  Compared to the North gate project, which was done beautifully and pretty much on schedule - this has really been a poorly managed project IMO.    

Jeff Francetic

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Greenfield Mess

My experience with Greenfield has been quite the opposite of the above ..  Once they completed work on Terreno in Sept/Oct  a crew came by and removed all the cables along the curbs, replaced the tall "pods" with small or ground level units and repaired all the dug up spots ....Terreno looks pretty good and back to what it was before the change over..

Maybe they are not finished in your area......suggest you call them for an update......Anthony Nuccio 949-690-6916 at their headquarters  was very helpful in my dealing with them..

Good luck.

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