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Community Services District Security officers routinely check out the privately owned field behind the Country Store for parked cars that indicate people are trespassing to fish in the river. “We roust them fairly regularly,” said Security Chief Greg Remson. But when Security Patrol Officer Mike Fuentes reached the levee one recent dinnertime, he didn’t see anyone fishing. Instead, two hunters were dressing a deer on the river bank. “You can only hunt deer in certain areas, and a county park in Rancho Murieta is not one of them,” Remson said. The deer had been shot.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Fish and Game were called to handle the incident, which occurred about 6 p.m. Oct. 27.

There was a deputy in the area and the Fish and Game officer lives in Wilton, “so he scooted out here pretty quick,” Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee last week. “While he’s taking care of the first ones, here come a couple more out from the dark. So you got four poachers, two deer and a whole lot of tickets. ... That was a good catch on our part.”

One of the four was identified as a Murieta resident.

Later the same evening, Security received a call from the California Highway Patrol about a drunk driver who’d contacted them because she didn’t know exactly where she was, Remson said. The dispatcher reported hearing the sound of running water and traffic noises on the call. Officers from the CHP and Sheriff’s Department arrived on the South and tried to locate the vehicle through triangulation of the cell phone signal.

It was Security Patrol Officer Fuentes who located the vehicle. He looked across the Cosumes River and saw “kind of cockeyed” headlights on the north side.  When the officers found the car, the tires were spinning, which accounted for the traffic noise. The driver, a resident, was arrested by CHP for drunk driving.

The following are other items from the Security Committee meeting.

Bar-code reader replacement

A South Gate bar-code reader that’s notorious for misreads is on its way out.

“That’s been our worst one,” Remson said. “It goes from anywhere from a couple failures to 25 percent failures. It’s done.” The $8,500 cost of the replacement has been budgeted, and installation is expected in three weeks to a month. There have been virtually no failures with the new readers that have been installed, Remson said.

Rules for block parties

Remson reported the Rancho Murieta Association Compliance Committee is looking at developing non-architectural rules for block parties and said he’s recommended using Sacramento city and county rules as a reference. “There needs to be verbiage very clear about noise because people still think that just because you’re issued a special event notification, that eliminates the CC&R responsibilities or just the good-neighbor responsibility,” he said. “People think they can have a live band or amplified music in the back yard as loud as they want right up until 10 o’clock and that’s incorrect.”

Safety center update

Volunteers In Partnership with the Sheriff are helping residents file online reports with the Sheriff’s Department. The online service is especially useful for filing incident reports -- things that aren’t going to be investigated as a crime but people want documented, Remson said. VIPS Myrna Solomon and Jacque Villa staff the James L. Noller Safety Center, located across the parking lot from the CSD Building.

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I'm speechless

RM Resident is one of four caught deer poaching.   I'm just speechless beyond the 3-letter word beginning with A that came out of my mouth as I read that one of the men was a resident.   I hope the fines are stiff.

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Fines can be stiff, and sometimes the authorities throw in serious jail time. I'm curious why names weren't reported, unless they were juveniles.

candy chand

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Unfortunately, unless this hit the SacBee, CSD & the RVT just do not like to name names even if they are adults.  I would sure like to see someone shamed for this disgraceful behavior.

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And why couldn't that guy direct them to MY backyard?!  Just kidding .

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