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Here are Rancho Murieta's complete Security logs for Sept. 12-Oct. 4, as released to the public. CSD Security edits the logs to remove names and specific addresses before releasing the information.

The format here is:

Time / Nature of report / Security officer / Resolution

Common abbreviations:

  • 415 (disturbance)
  • NFI (no further information)
  • NOH (no one home)
  • UTL (unable to locate)
  • BOL (be on lookout)
  • NOL (not on list)
  • ADV (advised)
  • WMA (white male adult)
  • R/P (reporting person)
  • W-2 (water unit)
  • Code 4 (officer or situation is OK)
  • LDN (left door notice)
  • OGD (open garage door)
  • HBD (had been drinking)

Click the PDF file below to see the logs.

PDF icon Security logs, Sept. 12-Oct. 4381.33 KB

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I had  FOUR  full sets of Calloway golf clubs stolen out of my garage (my daughters set, granddaughters set, son-in-laws and mine) they took expensive drivers and putters also ...PARENTS, please watch for older kids that have been out late in the last few weeks and have clubs in the trunk of their car or something they are selling on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon.....I'll pay a reward for the clubs and other things they stole ......SOMEONE has to know about all of this stuff stolen....NO QUESTIONS ASKED IF RETURNED......Please ask your kids if they know anything about the things that were stolen or who might have done this (KIDS HEAR THINGS AND KNOW)...THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON IN OUR COMMUNITY TOO LONG!!! If your teenagers give you a gift that is out of place.....please let me know and I will identify the rest of my belongings.....916 224-7482  I advertised SOME OF THIS STUFF ON ***RanchoMurieta.com**** BE CAREFUL! ****Please don't turn a blind eye to this and pretend it couldn't be your teenager**** Some is sentimental and you would not think but it is very expensive.....It has to be someones little darlings...Like I said, "No questions asked". 

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