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The statement read Tuesday night by Alex Bauer, RMA board president:

The Rancho Murieta Board of Directors is elected to oversee the business of the association, and we operate all meeting procedures in alignment with the rules of the Davis-Sterling Act which guide our actions and decision-making process. As elected representatives of this community, it is our responsibility to conduct all business meetings in an orderly, respectful and timely manner, and to not tolerate or permit unruly or excessive interruption or disrespectful behavior.  

For the past several months, and especially this past December board meeting, the public comment section of the agenda has carried on too long and in a manner that challenged our ability to govern effectively.  Public input is important and members making comments will be respected. But it is equally important that as a board we work together in a dignified and honorable manner to oversee the business of the association.  Residents who attend our board meetings must understand that they are observers of our business meetings, and, according to Davis-Stirling Act, can only add information to our meetings at designated times on the agenda, and such comments must adhere to the guidelines issued in the agenda. 

For all meetings going forward, when the board conducts the public session agenda, we will follow Davis-Stirling meeting regulations by allowing a public comment period at the beginning of the agenda.   We ask that residents restrict their comments to no longer than three minutes and focus on non-agenda items. If a resident wishes to comment on an item that is on the agenda, he or she must wait until the board addresses that item to do so. During the public comment period, all comments must be delivered in a respectful and orderly manner. According to Davis-Stirling, board members cannot address the comments made or questions asked during public comment periods.  Any and all complaints, concerns, questions should be put in writing and sent to the general manager of the association.

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