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The Red Cross' Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV) are a familiar sight at any disaster situation. Click photo for larger image.

The American Red Cross is partnered with the Country Club to hold the Drive Fore Disaster Relief dinner and golf tournament Sept. 13-14. The event will raise funds for the good work of the Red Cross, in particular to help buy a new Emergency Response Vehicle for the Red Cross in this area.

The Emergency Response Vehicle, or ERV, is the signature vehicle that delivers food, water, supplies and hope to disaster victims. In use since the 1980s, the ERV was first modeled after the ambulance, but in the latest ERVs the functionality has been rethought and redesigned.

This area’s ERVs are aging and need to be replaced. Red Cross officials want to add a new ERV to the area’s response equipment as soon as possible.

A ticket to the dinner costs $65. The tournament (golf, breakfast and lunch) is $200 per golfer (with a discount for club members). You can sign up a tournament foursome for $800.

There’s more information and sign-up forms at redcross.org/driveforerelief.

Here's a video in which Red Cross workers talk about the ERVs and what it's like helping people cope with disaster:

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Keep in mind that a portion of the fees paid for these events are tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The Red Cross needs our support as disasters they support are frequent.

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