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Red square A map of the trains and other RMA holiday lights winners

Walt Dunajski has been brightening Anillo Way with his Christmas decorations for more than 20 years.  In particular, people come from all over to see his trains, which cover the front lawn. Walt says this year's trains will be his last. They'll be up until Jan. 6.

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Holiday Trains

Thank you Walt, for all the years of enjoyment you gave to this community every Christmas with your train display......My family always made a point of passing by to see the display on Christmas Eve.  We will miss it but are aware of all the work you had to do to put it on......


Thank you...Happy New Year

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I moved to Rancho Murieta in 1989 and your trains were hands down the best Christmas display I've ever seen.  I can't imagine the work you put into this each year, but you have brought the holiday blessing too many of us. I will miss your display as I will miiss calling Ranch Murieta home for so many years.  Time moves on and so has many other blessings.  I wish you all happiness.


Bill Clark

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Our neighbor

Walt and Marie. We moved across the street from you in 04.  Our first Christmas in Rancho Murieta was a surprise to us when we learned we had moved across from the "train guy".  Each year, I would see you outside in sunny, rainy, windy, freezing weather sometimes alone, sometimes with helpers. Day after day, week after week, checking the tracks, wiping the trains, fixing displays, all "for the kids".  

I would look out in the morning and there you were, getting your trains ready to run. I would go about my day and by late afternoon, look again, and there you were, talking with someone about your trains.  There was always someone stopping by.  Then evening would come, along with a parade of golf carts, cars and families on foot, stopping by to see the trains, and you. You had a candy cane for each child and a warm hello for everyone. You graciously accepted food for the homeless each year as a "payment" from those that were thoughtful enough to bring goods with them. 

I understand why you have finally decided to retire and spend more time with family, look at all the years and hours you've dedicated to this community serving "the kids".  But I wonder, do you realize most people come to see you just as much as they do your trains?  The humility, the joy, the gracious greeting and smile you offer to all us "big kids" when we stop by to see you will be missed just as much as all the "chugga chugga chugga, choo, choo's" I have heard over the years. 

Thank you Marie for sharing Walt with us each year and thank you Walt for all your hard work. Have a happy new year!  Steve and Debbie Lind. 

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Walt and his trains

I spoke to Walt the other evening when out family drove over to see the trains.  As always Walt was outside with his candy canes and ready to accept canned donations.  Walt advised this was his last year, but also stated that he might reconsider if he had plenty of help to assist him.  I for one would love to help and I'm sure there are others out there who don't want to see this awesome display disappear and would volunteer their time as well.  If someone wants to contact Walt and co-ordinate the volunteers and schedule, that would be great.

Bill McCarver

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My son is 6 and every year of his life he's viewed this great tradition. Walt has been great explaining the workings of the trains and always providing Candy canes for all us kids. I have to hand it to him, I don't have that energy but I sure appreciate his. Hope it will continue somehow.


Happy New Year Walt!!

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