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The Community Services District staged a Water Conservation Fair Saturday to help Murietans find ways to conserve water -- especially with their landscaping.

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High quality video...good work!

A tip of my hat to RanchoMurieta.com for the great reporting and HIGH QUALITY video (HD?) on their web site.

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Well Done CSD

And a tip of my hat to CSD for putting on a very good event. The folks representing Green Acres and the other exhibitors were great to talk to, and the guys from CSD had lots of interesting information regarding how our water system works and how we can continue to conserve. Did you know that your water meter will never read high, but as it ages will read lower...until it is replaced?

The free water-saving kits and raffle offerings were very appropriate. If you weren't there but need things for your garden, shower or toilet just go by the CSD office. They always have the various water-saving kits available for FREE.

Also, the food CSD put out was amazing. I've seen far worse continental breakfast spreads at very nice hotels. That was worth the price of admission (FREE) all by itself. 

Finally, as we walked through the overflowing parking lot at 9:30 I noticed that there were no BMWs or Cadillacs. There was one Mercedes and two Lexus,' but they were all SUVs. Almost all of the other vehicles were small SUVs or compact sedans. And, of course, there were a few golf carts, too. Don't know if that means anything, but it was interesting to note.

 Craig Sheumaker

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