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Here's a video recording of the Rancho Murieta Association's March 2017 meeting. The session lasts one hour and 20 minutes.

Use the video's progress bar, along the bottom of the video screen, to advance to various points in the meeting if you don't wish to watch the entire video. Here are key points in the meeting timeline:

  • 1:00 -- Boy Scout Garrett Fong talks about his Eagle Scout project.
  • 9:50 -- A neighbor talks about a problem with her sidewalk and common area.
  • 20:50 -- Bicycle pump track discussed by board and staff.
  • 36:15 -- Discussion about common area lease and a neighbor's concerns.
  • 45:20 -- County Supervisor Sue Frost talks about her first months in the job.
  • 55:05 -- A Greenfield Communications representative gives a project update.

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