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Murietans walking around Laguna Joaquin Friday morning saw few dead fish – nothing compared to Thursday morning’s situation – and the Community Services District confirmed that conditions there were improving.

Paul Siebensohn, the CSD’s director of field operations, said the dissolved oxygen readings at the lake were at 1.8 milligrams per liter, much improved from Thursday, when the lake tested at 0.56. A reading below 5.0 is thought to be stressful to fish, and prolonged readings below 2.0 can cause fish kills.

“CIA ditch water continues to flow through Laguna Joaquin,” Siebensohn wrote in an email, “and that water has a dissolved oxygen reading of 8.7 (milligrams per liter).  Aerators are continuing to run to help provide oxygen to the water within the basin along with the RMA fountains set to run continuously until the situation improves.”

The theory advanced Thursday for the sudden death of dozens of small bass and bluegill was that algae in the lake had died with the recent cooler weather, and the algae’s death process had taken oxygen from the lake.

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Lake conditions in the last week

The lake has been full of algae for the last week or so. I wonder why nothing was done about conditions there and question the wisdom of continuing to stock it with fish when they have been killed two years running. Perhaps a pause on stocking fish is in order until CSD has a handle on water quality. 

Tim Hefler

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