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Murietans can now manage visitor lists by computer or cell phone, without calling the gate, the Community Services District announced Monday.

The letter from Steve Mobley, the interim Security chief, sends you to the technology vendor’s website, https://gateaccess.net, where you’ll need the following information to log in:

  • The Community Access Code is RMCA.
  • Your user name is your phone number (10 digits, no spaces or dashes).
  • Your password is your PIN number.

The system help is here. If you don’t know your PIN number, you’ll have to contact the gate to get it.

(Nostalgia bonus: Once you’ve logged in, the system will show you all the visitors you’ve called in since 2005.)

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Thank you, Steve Mobley, for getting this system in place.  Too bad CSD had to pay $49,000 to find our residents wanted this functionality and had been asking for it for a long time - especially the pet registration.  Just ask Beth Budrus, Jacque Villa, and many others.  We've been talking about it for ages, only to be told by our former security chief that it would cost $3,000 to $4,000 a month for this capability.  Finally, we can stop wasting the gate officers time answering the phones everytime a resident has a guest or vendor coming.

Very seriously, thank you, Steve Mobley, for bringing the Security forces into the 21st century!  I'm so excited and already have all my information entered and updated, including pictures of my cats!  Wahoo!!!!!! 

Not to mention my nephew won't be told he's not on my permanent guest list and refused entry when he's been on my permanent list for years.  It's a pain in the neck for him to get refused entry when I'm off in some other part of the country and counting on him to take care of things at my house.  Hurray!!  It won't happen again!


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Gate access with your iPhone or iPad too

Great news about online gate access. Last night I found a app for it at my App Store. It easy to navigate 

Thanks, T

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Easy access with Android also

Thanks Tom. For those with Androids there is an app that will help you easily manage your guest list also. Just go to the play store and enter ABDI. Then hit the red GA icon. Enter community code RMCA. Enter your phone#. Then enter your security code(the one you give to the gate). Voila! Thanks again Tom...heard you might be running for for RMA board...You got my vote!

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Gate access

I just wanted to give Steve Mobley a Big Thank You for getting the new gate access up and running. It's nice to be able to access and update your account from your phone or computer. Thank You again Steve. 

Ken Poole

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Gate Visitor List

A big "Thank You" to Security Chief Steve Mobley for finally bringing Rancho Murieta into the 20th century. It's nice to finally have access to our own gate visitors list & to not have to call the gate each time we have visitors. Hopefully this will free up the Security Guards to handle bigger issues.

Allyson Warr

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Thank You!

This is EXCELLENT! Thank you!

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