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Greg Pryor race

During his years with the fire department, few saw Murietan Greg Pryor in full beast mode. (Click photo for larger image.)

Maybe you know Greg Pryor from his work turning local Boy Scouts into Eagle Scouts. Or maybe you know him from his 38 years as a firefighter, including a stretch as captain at Rancho Murieta’s Station 59. Now meet the Greg Pryor you may not know, the one who ran the Spartan Beast race up and down Tahoe’s mountains and finished first in his age group.

He raced more than a dozen miles in the event Oct. 1, climbing 2,800 feet to the top of Squaw Valley and back, dealing with 38 obstacles along the way. 

“They throw a bunch of crazy stuff at you, basically,” Pryor says of the obstacles. No argument there. The obstacles include pulling yourself over six- and eight-foot walls, slithering under barbed wire, climbing ropes, slipping under a wall (through a mud puddle), lifting boulders and negotiating multiple overhead monkey bars. 

If there’s an obstacle you can’t manage, you have to stop and do 30 burpees. (Don’t ask.)

All of this running, climbing and jumping is against the clock. Pryor, who’s 63, finished the course in 5 hours, 15 minutes, 37 seconds – first in his age group. He finished in the top 100 of all men.

This isn’t outside the norm for Pryor. He has run 20 marathons. He hikes in the mountains. He climbs mountains. He has ridden his bike across this country and all over Europe. He has done five-day, 250-mile horseback endurance rides.

Why does he do this? Pryor says it’s about having goals, something he learned as he spoke with older people in his years with the fire department.

“One key thing I realized in talking with these people is they kept moving, they kept purposefully setting goals for themselves. Maybe not physical things, but things that kept them moving. It’s that whole ‘Keep moving,’ and everything keeps working pretty decent,” he says. 

“I still have a lot of things I’d like to do, as far as hiking and bike riding – and life itself.”

Rio Circle gets together for a party

Rio Circle party

The Rio Circle October potluck has been an annual event for years. Sunday’s edition, held in the driveway of Mary Joe Fox on Park 10, drew 36 people, according to Anne Gengler, who organized the three-hour gathering. There were several new neighbors on hand and a few who’ve lived on Rio Circle for more than 30 years. Photo by Bill “Birdman” Gengler. (Click photo for larger image.)

Honors for an RMA veteran

Rod Hart award

Kiwanis President Bonnie Shewchuk presents the club’s Distinguished Service Award to Rod Hart, the Rancho Murieta Association’s longtime maintenance manager. The honor, given by the California Nevada Hawaii Kiwanis District Foundation, was in recognition of Hart’s support of many community events. It was presented at the Kiwanis’ installation dinner Sept. 28, where it was noted that Hart’s service to the community shows that he translates "RMA" to mean “Reliable, Mobile and Able.” (Click photo for larger image.)

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Rod Hart

As a member of the Summerefst Committee I can tell you there would be no Summerfest without Rod and his crew-they do an unbelievable job.  Rod in fact sleeps in a bunk in his office for the 3 days just to be onsite if needed-that's dedication.

Congrats to Rod on his award-well deserved!

Rod Metzler

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Well deserved!

I met Rod not long after we moved here in 1991. He has always been one of the hardest workers I have ever run into. This award is more than well deserved!

Bobbi Belton

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Rod Hart

I agree and congrats to Rod Hart for all his hard work and dedication to this community that he has shown through the years.....when I was involved with the community club for 10 years, he and his staff were always on hand to help us in any way we needed. He is a valuable asset to our community without a doubt.......

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