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Community members are invited to a discussion of Rancho Murieta Security -- how it should be structured in the future and how a communitywide camera system might be deployed. The session, put on by the Community Services District, will be held 6:30 p.m. Feb. 23 at the Country Club. It will be conducted by Burns & McDonnell, an international consulting firm hired by CSD to study Security operations. The study is expected to recommend future paths to address development and increased population.

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CSD Security Meeting

I would really appreciate it if you as would attend this meeting. The next five years are going to bring dynamic changes to the community. We are about to add a 100 room hotel and a grocery store that will operate 14-16 hours per day. It will be accompanied by restaurants and businesses and an actual housing development outside our gated areas. The Rancho North development could raise our population from 5700 to 9000 residents. Completion of the South development and the Residences development behind Guadalupe Drive could bring the population to nearly 10,000 people in the next  15 years. There will be over 4000 homes in our District. There will be more children and there will be  more elderly residents requiring more security oriented services. I suspect we will deal with all the problems and services of a small town. Our Security Department today is about the same size as when we originally opened and staffed the South Gate.

Changes of this nature could easily overwhelm our ability to provide service. Indeed, the vehicle counts alone may overwhelm our gate operations. It is important that we plan and assess the financial costs of accomodating this growth.  We cannot do this without forecasting the personnel, infrastructure and equipment that will be necessary to mitigate it. 

I hope you agree that it is impossible to start this process without understanding how the community feels about what CSD currently provides (and what it does not).This is why your voice is critical to the process. 

As we progress, we will conduct a CSD Board workshop. That will also be a public meeting. The process will result in a "plan" or a list of recommendations we can use to move forward. I am personally open to anything but at this point but I have no real idea what each of you view to be both qualtiatively and quantitatively important to this process.    Thanks.



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