A hillside where it sure looks like spring

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Bill (Birdman) Gengler stopped to look at Michigan Bar's poppies the other day. "Poppy month has had a slow start," he writes, "but the poppies are always blooming at the bar." The long-range weather forecast looks like we might be into spring to stay, with less rain and highs moving into the 70s. (Click for larger image) Read more » about A hillside where it sure looks like spring

Streets closed, but no river flood is forecast

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[Updated 12:30 p.m. Tuesday] In addition to a flooded Scott Road, Sacramento County reported Tuesday morning that Kiefer Boulevard and Eagles Nest Road are flooded and closed in the area. Although the Cosumnes River is forecast to rise dramatically into midday Wednesday, the National Weather Service is predicting it will fall short of levels that flood Wilton streets. Read more » Read more » about Streets closed, but no river flood is forecast

A winter afternoon on Lake Calero

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Lake Calero

Tuesday afternoon brought Lake Calero the best of a winter day here – chilly breezes (temperatures in the 40s!), piles of clouds dragged across the sky, warm yellow sunshine, and a gull wheeling overhead. (Click to enlarge photo) Read more » about A winter afternoon on Lake Calero

Little League cancels Saturday's opening day

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Given the weather forecast and soggy fields, Cosumnes River Little League has canceled Saturday’s opening day parade and the day’s games – the second rainout of 2018’s opening day. The league is looking into the possibility of a mid-season event. Read more » about Little League cancels Saturday's opening day

Jackson Road narrowed by mud cleanup

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[Updated 1:16 p.m.] The mudslides on Jackson Road in Sloughhouse, shown here early Thursday, have advanced to the point that now the road is narrowed to one lane as they try to clean it up. Traffic is backed up in both directions. This is just west of Sloughhouse, about 500 yards from the Meadowlands restaurant. (Check our traffic map for real-time info.) Other weather impacts: Deer Creek has once again flooded Scott Road north of Rancho Murieta, and the Cosumnes River is forecast to crest at 6 p.m. with minor flooding in Wilton, according to the National Weather Service. See the comments for news of a Scott Road water rescue Thursday morning (and a video of the rescue). And see Carol Anderson's report and photos about flooding at Lago and Pescado, handled quickly by RMA. If you have storm news or photos, please share at editor@ranchomurieta.com or (916) 354-3916. (Photo by Neil Harper) Read more » about Jackson Road narrowed by mud cleanup

Our rainy March continues...

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After today's sunshine and springlike temperatures, the National Weather Service sees a rainy week ahead. This NWS chart shows the expected precipitation totals over the next seven days. The forecast, which follows, predicts two storms, with the second, landing Wednesday-Thursday, as the strongest. Click through to see the seven-day NWS forecast. Read more » Read more » about Our rainy March continues...

Sunset at Lake Clementia

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Photographer Paul Anderson writes, "Loving these stormy sunsets. Lake Clementia last night." And now, a break in the weather. The forecasters see a few dry days, then rain Tuesday into Thursday. (Click photo for larger image.) Read more » about Sunset at Lake Clementia

Scott Road is flooded, and other traffic info

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At 6:30 p.m., the sensors on Scott Road say the road has been flooded for the last hour. As always, RanchoMurieta.com has traffic/weather info on the home page to let you know when Scott Road is flooded and when it’s near flood stage. We also report on incidents on roads used by Murieta commuters and bring you a traffic map that shows you traffic speeds on area roads. You might check before heading out, or check your phone while on the road. The information is optimized for your phone. Read more » about Scott Road is flooded, and other traffic info

Just be careful about freezer burn

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Walk-in freezer sign

The Delta breeze made a tentative and welcome return Friday, but no need: Murieta Market is offering five minutes in the walk-in freezer with any purchase! They might have been kidding, but we won’t be when we buy a bag of ice and go all Murieta lawyer on them. At lunchtime, the National Weather Service said Executive Airport was 11 degrees cooler than Thursday, but by mid-afternoon, it was triple digits out and we were heading to Murieta Market. Saturday’s forecast high: 98. Sunday’s: 93. Monday’s: 87. Read more » about Just be careful about freezer burn

Hot enough for you? (Yes, thank you)

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Splash park

The weather forecast calls for triple digits through Saturday, so when is adult night at Summerfest Spray Park? Monday morning, with temperatures well into spray-park range, kids and parents were gathered at our community splasher, at Riverview Park on the South. The spray park is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 2 to 7 p.m. Click photo for larger image. Read more » about Hot enough for you? (Yes, thank you)


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