Are you watching Channel 3? How?

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We need your help. With the impasse between DISH and Hearst Television now in its eighth week, we’re wondering how Murietans tied to DISH through Greenfield Communications are making do. This national contract dispute, the latest of many, has impacted Channel 3 (KCRA) and Channel 58 (KQCA), offered by Hearst in Sacramento. While this one hurts DISH, past disputes have hurt DirecTV, so almost all of us have felt this problem. Maybe you’ve come up with solutions like an antenna, streaming service or a streaming device. Tell us, so we can help your neighbors. Drop a note to, explaining what you’re doing and how you like it. Be sure to include your phone number, so we can contact you. Read more » about Are you watching Channel 3? How?

Old cable/internet system is being shut down

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Greenfield Communications, the company operating the community's cable TV and fiber services, will shut down the legacy cable/internet service in much of the North in January, with the rest of the North to follow. This shutdown of the old Rancho Murieta Association cable/internet service was planned in Greenfield's lease of the system from the RMA. If you're on the old system and you want cable or internet service, you must contact Greenfield. Read more » about Old cable/internet system is being shut down

DISH agreement reinstates FOX 40 in area

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DISH announced Saturday afternoon that it had reached a new long-term agreement with Tribune Broadcasting to reinstate its channels to DISH in 33 markets, including FOX 40 in Sacramento. Murietans who receive Greenfield Communications' basic TV package weren't impacted by the contractual dispute, which lasted 11 weeks, because Greenfield found a work-around that allowed the channel to be seen. Read more » about DISH agreement reinstates FOX 40 in area

Greenfield work-around brings FOX40 to RM

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The ongoing contract dispute between the DISH satellite TV service and Tribune Media has meant lost channels for millions of DISH customers in 42 markets around the country. In the Sacramento area, FOX40 (KTXL) is impacted – but not for Greenfield customers in Rancho Murieta.

Just as happened elsewhere across the nation, FOX40 disappeared from Greenfield’s Rancho Murieta services late Sunday. But by Tuesday, Greenfield had figured out a work-around, taking the FOX40 signal from the old Rancho Murieta Association cable service and inserting it into its Rancho Murieta DISH package.

“This will stay in place until the issue with DISH and Tribune is resolved,” Ryan Waggaman, Greenfield’s local project manager, wrote in an email Wednesday. Read more » about Greenfield work-around brings FOX40 to RM

Greenfield says fiber will be done by August

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With 1,000 or 1,100 North homes still awaiting connection to the community’s fiber network, Greenfield Communications says the project will be complete by the end of August. Meeting with the Rancho Murieta Association on Wednesday, the company also reviewed last week’s cable TV switchover, which both parties said went smoothly. Read more » about Greenfield says fiber will be done by August

Greenfield will switch remaining cable homes

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Greenfield Communications plans to shut down the old Rancho Murieta Association cable TV feed and move all remaining customers, about 550 North homes, to Greenfield’s fiber TV service on Tuesday and Wednesday. The change will lower the cable bill for those customers from $49 a month to $40. If you're one of the homes, here's what you need to know.

In June, Greenfield will also upgrade internet service for all customers on the old RMA system to 20 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads and lower the bill to $27 a month. These North homes aren't yet on the new fiber system, which is expected to reach them this summer.

See the Greenfield announcement here. Read more » about Greenfield will switch remaining cable homes

RMA committee fields fiber complaints

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Complaints about Greenfield Communications’ fiber installation dominated the Rancho Murieta Association’s Communications Committee meeting this week. Seven neighbors were on hand for Wednesday afternoon’s meeting, a session where it's unusual to see any member of the community. Read more » about RMA committee fields fiber complaints

Greenfield is ready to launch fiber test homes

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The eight-home test of fiber service should go live with high-speed internet and expanded TV offerings this week, a Rancho Murieta Association committee was told Thursday.

The homes, in the area of Guadalupe and Pera drives, are a dry run for work Greenfield Communications plans to do throughout the community this year.  Greenfield leased the RMA’s cable system and is upgrading it to a fiber-optic system, which is state of the art.

With this test group, and maybe a couple of others, Greenfield will be in a position to plan an aggressive rollout of its services, Greenfield CEO Mike Powers told the RMA Communications Committee. Read more » about Greenfield is ready to launch fiber test homes

New operator and name for RMA Cable

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If you've been a Rancho Murieta Association customer for cable or internet, you've got a new provider.  Starting today, RMA Cable is Greenfield Rancho Murieta.  The new 24/7 toll-free number for customer service is (888) 230-0020.

As of today, Greenfield Communications, based in Southern California, takes over cable TV and broadband Internet services under a 20-year lease agreement with RMA. Subscribers will no longer call RMA for service.

Greenfield technicians are on call weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with off-hours available upon request, according to Greenfield.

Under the terms of the lease agreement, RMA owns the system and Greenfield will continue to operate the current system while upgrading to a fiber-to-the-home operating system by spring of 2016. Read more » about New operator and name for RMA Cable

RMA gets no pushback on new cable system

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Fiber town hall

Member questions about the proposed new cable system focused on customer services.  Most of the answers were provided by Mike Powers, left, CEO and president of Greenfield Communications.

With nary a discouraging word, about 20 people came to the Rancho Murieta Association Building Thursday evening for a town hall meeting on leasing the RMA cable system to an outside company.  The future of the RMA cable system has been a matter of rancorous debate over the years. Read more » about RMA gets no pushback on new cable system


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