Welcome – RanchoMurieta.com is back

We’re starting over. After serving the community for 2000 to 2019 with a news site, we’re coming back. But this time RanchoMurieta.com will be a monthly video/photo magazine – focusing on the people and organizations that make this a better community.

We don’t plan to have any advertising on the site. No reader comments. We won’t be covering the news. (Proposed ad slogan: No news, no comments – no problem!) But we won’t waste your time and won’t make your blood boil. If you’re looking for that, there are other places to look online.

We’re interested in people and organizations who are doing right by us all. Can you guide us?

We’ve updated and expanded the Rancho Murieta history project (if you have things to offer, especially photos, please e-mail), and we offer two video features for November – a look at Paul Anderson, a professional photographer who’s renowed for his eagle and other photos) and a look at the seasons of Rancho Murieta. Also, there’s a story that we offered in our “History” section many years ago, about Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter shooting a TV series in the community in 1984.

We’re sorry to say that after several years of retaining the 19-year archival coverage of RanchoMurieta.com, it’s now gone. It was going to be expensive to update the publishing system, and the updating was really required.

We appreciate those who’ve been with us for two decades, and we hope you enjoy the new RanchoMurieta.com. As always, your thoughts and ideas are welcome. You can reach us at the same address as before: editor@ranchomurieta.com.

When we were Hollywood

An oldie-but-goodie from our “History of RM” area. In 1984, Hollywood stars Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter spent a week in Rancho Murieta filming an episode of the TV show “Partners in Crime.” With a few signs and flags, Rancho Murieta is turned into Ganders Health Spa for the show. The episode, called “Getting in Shape,” aired just before Christmas. Thanks to YouTube, we can see it again.

Do you recognize the Country Club’s front lawn, the snack shack and the tennis courts? If you just want a look, Murieta appears at 7:15 in the video and runs for a half-dozen minutes. (There are other Murieta scenes in the show.)